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Highway Lasagna:
it’s Sunday and I’ve passed half of the morning cooking meat sauce instead of sleeping until midday; at this point, let’s make the whole endeavour also preparing a good highway lasagna, hot, warming, comfortable (probably the term “comfort food” is born watching a lasagna just taken out of the oven dripping béchamel.

Ingredients for 4:       For meat sauce:

      mixed (beef/pork)

      For the lasagna:

      or 1/2 lt. of milk, 50 gr of plain flour
      and 50 gr butter, to make it


if you have already prepared the meat sauce with my recipe and bought the béchamel ready to eat, the lasagna is very simple to prepare; if instead you want to prepare the béchamel yourselves even this is very simple.

Prepare the béchame:
let all the butter melt in a small pot on low heat, add all the flour add let cook for some minutes, stirring continuously and avoiding to let it take colour or stick (now you have prepared the roux). When the roux is ready take it immediately off from fire; at the same time warm up the half litre of milk in another small pot and then add it to the roux stirring the whole with care. Now restore the small pot on low heat and let cook for ten minutes until the béchamel thicken.

At this point I always prepare a bit of vegetable broth in a small pot of hot water, because: if I have already prepared the Bolognese sauce (always very firm and creamy), I use broth to water it down a little (or the lasagna will be too thick), if instead I’ve bought béchamel in packet and I find it too thick then I use a bit of broth to water down it’s solidity.

From here onward the road goes down: take your baking try and do some geometric try in order to understand how many raw lasagna you need to complete a layer and in which way display them better. Start with a layer of Bolognese sauce (only a few for the base, avoiding it sticks to the bottom), then let’s go in with the first layer of lasagna, layer of Bolognese sauce, sprinkle of parmesan and some spoons of béchamel. Follow in this way until you finish the raw lasagna and then prepare the last layer on the top: all the Bolognese sauce left-over, then all the béchamel left-over and a generous sprinkle of parmesan, which will cover the whole giving us a wonderful bronzed and tasty top.

Right in the oven! Classic temperature of 180° for about 20 minutes. Once you have taken it out let rest for exactly 2 minutes, the béchamel will thank you and brighten up its rebel spirit.

Bon Appétit!

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