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My Bolognese sauce recipe:
schools of thought concerning minced meat diverge when they speak of cooking times, but stay calm, if the minced is good also the Bolognese sauce will be good, either you cook it for 20 minutes or a couple of hours. Speaking of daily cooking we can’t say that the Bolognese sauce is simple and fast to prepare, but if Sunday morning you get some time to devote in cookery, then try it, it will change your weekend!

Ingredients for 4:

      mixed (beef/pork)


The preparing stage of the Bolognese sauce is summarized in chop up with a lot of patience all the vegetables for soffritto; so begin chopping up the onion, the two celery sticks (I use also the leaves) and the two carrots. Make a mince not too thin (the whole is going to cook for more than two hours so we don’t want them completely flaked in cooking) and put them in a big pot or in a saucepan sufficiently capacious with plenty of olive oil.
Sauté at low heat and be careful not to burn them, then often stir and add some water drops when you see that the temperature is too high and you risk to burn the onion. You must cook it for 15 minutes at least, before sautéed vegetables get tired and the onion surrender to his fate of no provoking stodginess, taking its typical transparency.

Time passed and vegetables sautéed, now is time to high the heat and add the mince; stir with the vegetables until it became completely white and, always with high heat, blend with half glass of red wine. Let the wine blend for two minutes and add all the tomatoes pulp, the tree bay leaves, a shaven spoon of salt, a teaspoon of sugar, an abundant handful of grind pepper and half glass of water.

Now the funny stage: cover, low the heat even lower than the minimum and let the Bolognese sauce mature for two hours (having the shrewdness of stirring every 15 minutes, so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom, as the liquid part tends to rise to surface while the mince tends to climb down to the bottom).

After two hours you’ll have your Bolognese sauce, the meat overcooked, the sauce tick and restricted and the vegetables nearly vanished; delicious! Add salt, pepper and sugar to taste if you think is necessary (I gave the minimum doses), it always depends on the type of tomato pulp you use.

The sauce is so thick that you don’t have to use too much to season a pasta dish; but after you’ve passed three hours of your Sunday morning looking after your Bolognese sauce, I assure you that exceed in the season and eat nearly more Bolognese sauce than pasta will be a well deserved reward.

Bon Appétit!

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