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German style potatoes: Kartoffelsalat:
I often prepare this dish (try asking my roommates) and very gladly. Germans would say it’s an excellent side dish to sausages based courses, and also Austrian would agree, with their breaded cutlets. Well, I see, it’s not quite like to serve a side dish of crunchy green beans or a cherry tomatoes salad, but if you would also like to open a good bottle of beer to come along with the dinner, you can pass over the healthy food (for a week, at least); then, if you love the mitteleuropean genre, I would also suggest you a sauerkraut dish and much, very much mustard.
The recipe is very simple, you only need the time to let the potatoes cool down; the salad must be served cold.

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Bring to boil the potatoes starting from cold and salty water; the rule says that potatoes have to be brought to boil with their skin and peeled when cooked. I try to be faithful to the rule when possible, but if the potatoes are already matured and they don’t look very good I use to peel them before put them in the water. Let cook half-hour at least, it will be sufficient if the potatoes are a medium or small size, otherwise prick them with a fork every 5 minutes, they will be ready when you can pierce them without effort.

When cooked, dry the potatoes and let cool down in a cold place (I use to put them in the balcony, I call it the “blast chiller”), paying attention in covering them with paper or plastic wrap.

Prepare the seasoning putting everything in a bowl: the 4 tbsp of mayonnaise, the 2 of vinegar, the onion minced, plenty of parsley, then season to taste and stir. Grossly cut and peel the potatoes, throw them in the bowl in which you have prepared the seasoning and stir all together.

The Kartoffelnsalat is ready! BonAppétit!

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