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Hot dog Festival:
do you have an almost empty fridge but you want to serve this tasty dish (because it’s tasty, I assure you), even if it doesn’t fit in the “healthy food” genre? Do you throw a party, have a family reunion, birthday or any other informal meeting in your house? Quick preparation, simple ingredients, rich taste!

Ingredients for 2:

      as desired


water saucepan, 2 onion slices and all the hot dogs; boil over low heat for 15/20 minutes (do not bring to boil, the water just has to be hot). I prefer to cook the würstel like that, in the mitteleuropean way, instead of let them grill for hours over low heat; I find that the onion broth gives aroma and an extra value which the grill, in this case, would take away.
Once you have set the würstel, go ahead cutting the entire onion and, if you think it’s too much, then it isn’t still enough, so cut another one.
Now put all the onion in a pot with 3 or 4 spoons of oil and let it cook over medium heat for 15 minutes; stir it continually.
After the time give the onion a sprinkle of sugar, let it brown for just one minute and it’s ready. I use to serve it in the middle of the plate (I didn’t have a nice bowl sufficiently small, so I used an espresso cup), but everyone can put his preferred quantity over his own hot dog.

I suggest you to put a generous quantity of ketchup over the bread slice and then the lettuce over it, there is nothing worse than the stale bread that sticks on your throat (ketchup, ketchup, on galore). Do this and the game is done, have fun presenting them as you like much and don't be shy with dressing.
I often prepare this dish and, when I can, I use to buy also hot dog sandwiches (but even with white bread you will make a good impression and they will be good anyway.

Bon Appétit!

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