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Mezze Maniche with potatoes:
empty pantry, only some potatoes about to expire and the usual nécessaire for the soffritto in the fridge (or in the freezer). Here the classic grandmother’s recipe, good and creamy, in order to make a pasta with potatoes with a great success.

Ingredients for 2:


let’s start with the soffritto: chop up one-fourth of a little onion and half carrot (as thin as you can), put them in a saucepan and pour a drizzle of oil; keep over low heat and let them stew and lightly fry for 10 minutes, at least, and pour a drizzle of water when the soffritto starts sticking (the secret for a good soffritto is to have patience and wait the onion surrender to make it transparent).

While you’re waiting the soffritto to surrender to you, cut the potatoes in cubes; you don’t need to be precise, but try cutting them about 1 cm each side, so that they will be ready in the time you use to bring to boil the pasta. Once you have waited 10 minutes for the cooking of the soffritto, add the potatoes alongside with some pieces of rosemary (fresh is better, even more if stolen from the plant in the landing, that your neighbours gave you kindly permission to take advantage of). Add a handful of salt, pepper and cover the potatoes with vegetable broth (you can use even a bouillon cube melted in hot water); keep at over low heat, cover and cook for the pasta cooking time (about 12 or 13 minutes).

Parboil the pasta firm and put aside a 1/4 cup of cooking water before drain. Now add the cooking water and stir for about two minutes the pasta in the saucepan with the potatoes; the water will dry and the starch of the pasta will make a delicious cream.

Serve the pasta with a rosemary twig; it gives colour and perfume, even this time... Bon Appétit!

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