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Marinated sausages with sandy potatoes:
very, very good! I can’t find better words to describe this recipe. Well, you need to set a simple introductory direction first, that is to marinate the sausages. It will take only a moment before leaving in the morning (just a second, I swear!).

Ingredients for 2:

      Concerning marination:


let’s start with the marination. I sometime use a little trick I have learned from Nigella Lawson, that is to prepare the marination in a carrier bag (one of which we use to freeze).
Pro: it will not get dirty, the marination completely sticks to the sausages so that the oil and flavour remain inside the bag.
Con: none.

Now, introduce in the bag the sausages, half glass of red wine and half of water, a spoon of olive oil, a rosemary twig, three garlic slices squashed and chopped up and ginger (squash it with the blade of a knife and chop it up, if you’re in a hurry; but, if you have time, pull out the juice shaving it).
Close up the bag, rub down the sausages and let them marinating for some hours.

Concerning sandy potatoes:
Prepare the bread coating in advance: use breadcrumbs for two-thirds and feel the other part with parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, oregano and very thin chopped rosemary. Peel the potatoes and cut into quarters; blanching in boiling salted water (that is submerge in boiling water for maximum 2 minutes); drain and put them in the bread coating. We made it!

Now put the whole in a baking pan, sprinkle sausages and potatoes with the remaining bread coating and cook at 200° for about 30/40 minutes.

Bon Appétit!

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